Friday, September 9, 2011

Gracie Hinds

Sweet Gracie has been in Primary Children's Medical center since Thursday, August 25th due to unexplained seizures.  Gracie was a very, very healthy girl up until this time.  She was having a little bit of flu like symptoms the week prior to the seizures but nothing out of the norm.  She was taken to the E.R. at Ogden Regional Medical Center that Thursday where she began to have seizures.  They then Life Flighted her to Primary Children's where she was in the ICU.  By that Saturday her parents had to make a tough decision and go along with the doctors advice to put Gracie in a drug induced coma.  She to this day is still in her coma.  They are still unable to stop the seizures out of the coma and still have no idea what has caused her brain to do this. The doctors are saying she is one of a kind.  They have never seen anything like her case, ever!!!  With all of the hundreds of tests they have done it has become very expensive.  I have decided the only way I could help in some way is to put together some fundraisers to help cover medical costs and lost wages from both parents jobs.  We are doing a few little fundraisers such as yard sales, bake sales, Zumba classes and a big one, which is Race for Grace.  We will be doing a 5K run and 1K family walk followed by a carnival with games,music,  food, booths, silent auction and a raffle. This blog is to spread the word about the fundraisers and events that are held in honor of Gracie.

Please keep Gracie and her family in your prayers.

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